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Legal Terms & Conditions


Entry fee’s for the Argentine Tango World Cup are non-refundable. In the event a category has not reached its minimum amount of entries needed, competitors will be asked to enter another category or division before that category is refunded.


Participants hereby forever releases, discharges and holds harmless the International Tango Summit, Argentine Tango World Cup, Q Method LLC., its organizers, directors, as well as any person, employee, affiliate, volunteer or business entity that is affiliated with, sponsors or co-organizes with the above mentioned from liability for the following:

1. all risks of bodily injury (including death) and property damage inherent in attending this event;

2. loss or theft of articles left in the ballrooms or hotel rooms;

3. any liability rising from the production, vendors, exhibition, distribution of use of commercial material authorized in this agreement

4. any claims, demands or actions which the participant ever had, has, or may have based upon any previously made agreement.

5. releases all liability to heirs and next of kin for their personal participation


Participant agrees that he/she and all persons attending the event with the participant are obligated to adhere to the “Official Rules and Regulations". A copy of the “Official Rules and Regulations" shall be available to the participant online at: or may be obtained from the registrar at the front desk.


Participant hereby irrevocably releases The International Tango Summit, Argentine Tango World Cup, Q Method LLC, and any of its co-organizers or sponsors the sole and the exclusive right to use, refer, and reproduce programs by means of video tape recording or any other method of media reproduction including live feeds, commercials stills, photography, ads, radio commercials, hereinafter for commercial use. Participant authorizes the above-mentioned the excuse release to to edit and arrange the reproductions, using participants name, voice, likeness, poses, appearances and utterances as part of and in connection with the International Tango Summit and Argentine Tango World Cup. Participant authorizes the above mentioned to exhibit, transmit, distribute, sell and use in any manner, any aspect of purchase for their performance at the International Tango Summit and Argentine Tango World Cup in any advertising, publicity, promotion, videotape, social media post, in any field and form of media, throughout the world without limitation. Participants waive their right to compensation including but not limited to, royalty payments from the inclusion of participants performance without limitation.

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