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Summit Volunteers

Be part of the heart of the festival.

Want to join the International Tango Summit as a volunteer? Then we are looking for you. Our volunteers are the heart and thread of our operation and more importantly get to experience the festival up close and personal.

A few things to consider and keep in mind when volunteering:



Friendliness and warm welcomes are a must!

With all the action, a helpful and positive

attitude is required.



Essential in today's world, 10 minutes early means

you can be part of

the team. So join

us today!





Here to help, here to grow and here to stay, our

community deserves the

best and we have

the best to help.

Thoughtful and honest, our volunteers create a family

of genuine values and thoughtful mindsets.

There are two tiers for volunteers: Full Time or Part Time Volunteers.

Full Time Volunteers

Dedicate 6 - 8 hours per day and receive full festival perks.

Part Time Volunteers

Dedicate 4-6 hours per day and receive partial festival perks.

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