Believing that tango unites people, its culture today exhibits diversity and brings together generations and equality into one embrace without borders. We invite you to the

International Tango Summit & Argentine Tango World Cup!


Our mission is simple, unity through diversity.



Festival, World Cup and Live Music Milongas!

A full tango festival experience, with a taste of Buenos Aires, now in the United States. An immersive competition offering multiple styles, levels and partnerships unique to its own and welcoming all dancers to compete. Finally, whimsical nights with live orchestrated milongas offering the best in live music for dancers to dance. The International Tango Summit & Argentine Tango World Cup welcomes dancers to embrace, learn, experience and unite in a packed 4 day festival


What makes our competition different?


Excited to create new possibilities The International Tango Summit is different by:

  • Hosting an International competition open to all nationalities!

  • Providing full Amateur, Professional and the third ever International Pro/Am division!

  • Offering diverse styles and categories for multiple skills and ways to express your dance

  • A guided syllabus that welcomes all levels.

  • Hosting an international panel of judges with specific judging criteria for every category and division!

  • The Element Scoring System: The cleanest and most specific scoring system offering transparency, fairness and quality a tango competition!

  • Awarding prize for top teachers based on students’ placements!

  • A competition fully designed for dancers by a team of international maestros!

A full festival experience! Why wait?


Experience a warmth of abundant energy, knowledgable masters, a diverse program loaded with educational workshops and unique opportunities that enhance a dancers experience. Everything you love in a festival is waiting for you.


Immerse yourself in the spirit of tango, its culture, art and live music. Enjoy evening milongas with a full live orchestra playing the rich sounds of tango. A diverse program awaits.

Stay and play at the Hilton LAX with all the festivities hosted under one roof, with restaurants, shuttle service from the LAX airport and minutes away from Manhattan Beach, Venice Beach and Santa Monica.




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