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About ITS

The Official 3rd Edition Coming Soon!

With great enthusiasm, we invite you to join us in our mission of UNITY. We are a team of maestros who have gathered together for the purpose of offering dancers an inclusive tango experience featuring a new open worldwide competition, a full festival and live music all in four days and nights! Co-directors Marcos Questas & Ruta Maria embrace the unity that tango brings in partnerships, nationalities, all levels and styles authentic to the Tango of today.

Through the art of tango, its culture and heritage our goal is to share the knowledge, embrace one another and challenge ourselves in a creative and supportive environment. Welcome to the International Tango Summit 2020!


Ruta Maria

Executive Artistic Director

Marcos Questas

Argentine Tango World Cup Director & Head Judge

Gustavo Russo

Marketing & Communications

Sarah Mitchell

Project Manager 

Birgit Haissig

Competition Coordinator & Deck Captain

Yolanda Vargas

Competition Scrutineer

Kenneth Kuo

Competition Administrator


Music Coordinator




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